Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Difference between Samsung ES8000 D8000

Difference between Samsung ES8000 and D8000? 
THE D8000 model is a model of 2011, although fully recommended, while the model ES8000  is the Samsung model 2012. The main differences are in terms of image quality, that too, but features such as multitasking and improved browser, Skype integrated, or the motion sensor and voice control by allowing your camera and microphone on and we can from turn off the TV to find applications and surf the Internet with a web browser and even use the tab system and PC browsers. Moreover, apart from an exterior design really different but beautiful in both, must be assess the difference in price, as we repeat the model of  Samsung UE40D8000  is a good option if you lower the price during 2012.
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  1. Those Samsung D8000 TVs looks beautiful on a stand, but you have to see it on a wall to literally see the best picture. I bought a 65 inch D8000 and had it installed about 2 months ago and I love it. The TV was expensive, but it is worth it. I gave my previous HDTV to my parents because their TV had no buttons for anything. I was able to encourage my mom and dad to get free HD added to their DISH account since they have an HDTV now. I also have HD through DISH where I work, and it looks crisp on my TV. I got a voicemail from my mom a few days later saying, “I can’t believe the quality. Paula Dean looks so… healthy!” They are pretty happy with their HD, as am I. Samsung did such a fine job with this TV, and you know, football season can’t come any faster!