Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Samsung EH5000: The economic FullHD of Samsung

The Samsung  EH5000 incorporates a USB 2.0 port and 2 HDMI inputs for basic connectivity. This Smasung TV offers an acceptable picture quality for its price. The 50Hz Refresh Rate may fall short for viewing action movies or sports. This model is manufactured in 32, 40 and 46 inches.

Technical / Specifications:
Technology: LED Edge HyperReal Engine.
Screen Size: 32, 40 and 46 inches
3D: No
Resolution: FullHD (1920x1080)
Refresh rate: 50Hz.
Other specifications: 

  • 2xHDMI.
  • 1xUSB 2.0.
  • 10Wx2 speakers.
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Visit TV LED Glossary for more information about what does mean HDMI, HDReady, CMR, HZ...

The design of Samsung LED TV is an elegant plastic. Without the stand, the Samsung TV is almost 10cm wide.

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Difference between Samsung D5500, EH5300 and ES5500
The main difference between EH5300 and EH5000 is that the 2012 model EH5300 includes SmartTV and 100Hz CMR. Neither of these models provides 3D. The main difference with the EH5300 is the design, while the ES5500 model has 12mm thick while the economic model EH5300 is almost 10cm.
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 Conclusion (Verdict):
The LED TV EH5000 is a very simple model. The EH5000 Series is Samsung's most economic Full HD TVs. If you want a TV with superior features, you can review the model Samsung EH5300 including SmartTV.
This model falls short USB / HDMI, the refresh rate is fair, does not offer internet or 3D. Anyway, this TV has good picture quality and an affordable price for a Samsung TV.

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