Thursday, April 18, 2013

Differences between LG LA660V and LA620V

The differences between the LG LA660V and LA620V, not very big. We can say that they are similar but the LA660V is improved.

The main differences are that the model LA660V has increased by MCI 400Hz and the LG LA620V has 200Hz. The screen technology is different too. The LG LA620V is Direct LED (back-lit) screen technology while the LA660S is LED edge-lit. They also have different design, has extras like "Magic Control" Dual-Play glasses, ...

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  1. The LG LA620V is back-lit so just a little bit different to the LG LA660V, which is edge-lit. ;-)

  2. you're right!

    now I will then updated the post.

    Thanks for your comment