Friday, October 18, 2013

What LED TV Cheap recommendation for 2014?

What cheap LED TV 2013-2014 recommended? Which is cheaper LED TV advisable?

Among the best brands of LED TV, which should ensure a minimum quality, there are many models. In this post we will try to advise you: the cheap LED TV without 3D and without SmartTV that you can buy this year end 2013 and first half of 2014.

At this point the 2012 models, usually cheaper, are almost exhausted, so is not an option.

CHEAP LED TV without 3D and without SmartTV:
  • Samsung F5000: available from 24-50 inches. Good block level..
  • LG LN540V: IPS panel with good viewing angle, only one HDMI
  • Sony R473A: Very similar to the LG LN5400, with support for USB somewhat lower.
The price of the cheapest LED TVs is around (price in online stores):
32 inches: £ 250 - £ 320
39-42 inches: £ 320 - £ 450
46-47 inches: £ 500 - £ 600
50 inches: £ 620 - £ 700

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