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What LED TV should you buy in december 2013?

What LED TV to buy this Christmas 2013? LED TV tips about what to buy in December 2013. What LED TV I can give to ...

Christmas is coming and we recommend what LED TV you can buy to give a present, or bestow on yourself. At the end of year, the sales soar the TV as it also shoots advertising, but it is a good time to buy?

In January 2014 presents the new models, but not arrive at the stores until 3 or 4 months. Really LED TV price down always, every day, from launch to stop selling it. But how many you should expect? We don't think that it's a bad time to buy (November-December). We only advise against buying the new 2014 models just as out (March-April) as they leave the novelty and are too high a price.

Our advice depends mainly on budget. Here we explain which LED TV to buy at Christmas 2013, just for orientation. You can check our TV buying guide or leave a comment, if you have questions, and we will try to advise you.

Best LED TV Tip to give to your parents (older):
For old people, I would rule out 3D and the SmartTV. Our advice is to be "a screen bigger is better", even at the expense of extra or some image quality.
A cheap model advisable to buy-give this Christmas 2013 at your parents may be the LG LN540V. A model is a step above is the LG LN575V with SmartTV.
LG models have natural colors and the picture is good. LG LED TV produces good low-medium range and big screens.

Advice to buy TV for gaming in Christmas 2013:
If you want to buy a TV screen especially for video games, we recommend a Sony TV which are those with less inputlag.
Our tips are the Sony W653 as economical TV to play or the Sony W805, a good model but more expensive. If our budget is limitless the Sony W905A is one of the best LED TV 2013, to play but also in image quality.
You can read our post with What LED TV to buy for gaming in 2013?

Tip buy the best LED TV Christmas 2013:
If in your case the budget is not a problem, you are made ​​of gold and you want the best LED TV 2013 we recommend two models, the Sony W905A and Samsung F8000. Anyway you can visit our review on the best LED TV 2013.

Tip for buying a LED TV Christmas 2013 for the whole family:
For large families we recommend buying a LED TV with IPS panel. These models have better side viewing angle, and it is passive 3D, which saves money on 3D glasses and less fatigue sight, both adults and children. From guiacompraTV recommend the LG LA660V, which is 3D and has good SmartTV plus some extras like magic Control, 4 glasses 3D, dual play glasses, ... An ideal TV for the whole family. If you want something cheaper you can find a LG TV like LA620V, which also has passive 3D and SmartTV, although it is slightly lower image quality and has less extras. You must be careful with the inches because LG models 50 and 60 inches are not IPS.

Tip for buying a 32-inch LED TV for Christmas 2013:
At 32 inches, the top range models are not available. The best 32 inch LED TV is surely the Samsung F6800. Our recommendation for money in 32 inches is the Panasonic E6, an LED TV simple, no extras, but with very good image for its price.

Tip for buying a LED TV without 3D Christmas 2013:
If you really do not want the 3D should be clear that the TV will be medium to low, the high-end LED TV are 3D. You can see our post with the better LED TV without 3D in 2013.

For now these are the recommendations that we have designed to give a LED TV this Christmas 2013. If you have any other questions leave a comment and we will add the information in this post.

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