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What is the best gaming LED TV 2014?

We recommend: What LED TV should you buy to play PS3 or XBOX?

What should have an LED TV, to play well?
The most important together with the image quality is the input lag. The input lag is the response time of the TV, the time (in milliseconds) that passes since you hit the button until Mario Bros jumps.

Input Lag:
Recommended for gamers values ​​is between 30-40ms, under that value is an excellent TV input lag. Above 40-45ms video game professionals begin to get angry.
The low-end TVs have less inputlag that high-end TVs, the technology incorporated is negative in this regard.
If you want to spend less, you have no problem with almost no low-end model, all are under 40ms. For TVs medium-high range recommend consulting our list with the values ​​of input lag of all 2013-2014 models.
Manufacturers do not publish these measures and the users and experts that make the measurements.

Image Quality 
The image quality and is quite relative because it depends in part on user preferences and each brand offers a different kind of image. Anyway there are a few parameters that can guide us about the picture quality:
Refresh Rate: The frequency of the panel. We recommend reviewing the true values​​, not CMR, BLS, ... as the "Game Mode" usually disconnect all improvements to reduce inputlag. The higher refresh rate, better picture.
Dinamyc Constrast: the more contrast, the better. Produces blacker blacks ..
Local Dimming: An extra which is included in the high-end models to enhance the contrast of different parts of the screen.

There are some interesting extras models: SimulView, DualPlay .. than play full screen allows two players, using glasses. Ideal for consoles shared between more than one user. Video on Dual Gamming.

What LED TV should you buy to play PS4? 
The best LED TV to play 2014, is the Sony KDL-W828B. With excellent picture and very low inputlag.

Input lag LED TV measures in "game mode":
This is our list of priorities as Image / Value / Input Lag with reference values​​, taken from reviews of different users in forums and blogs. (2013 and 2014 models on sale in 2014)

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