Wednesday, July 2, 2014

All 4K TV models for 2014 (Ultra HD lineup)

We present the list with all models of LED Ultra HD TV, or also known as 4K TV. These models seem to be the future of TV, but for the moment there is no content that can be displayed on definition 4K, except photos and NetFlix. We also recommend: Which 4K LED TV buy for 2014? You can visit our review of each model Ultra HD on the links.

We recommend reading our post about our recommendation to buy a LED TV 4K (Ultra HD) in 2014, before deciding to buy a UHD TV.

Samsung TV 4K:
Sony TV 4K:
Panasonic TV 4K:
Philips TV 4K:
These are all 2014 models 4K LED TV of major brands. Our advice is Sony X9005B or Samsung HU8500 if you really want to buy a LED TV UHD. In our opinion are excellent TVs, on the other hand the price is very high. If you want the best TV you can buy in 2014, Sony or Samsung HU8500 X9005B are your TV. You can read our post: What TV UHD (4K) we recommend buy in 2014? (comparative all models 4K)

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