Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Which LED TV to buy for a large family? Recommendation 2014

We recommend on what LED TV for the whole family is better. There are some important aspects of choosing the best LED TV for a large family, then we recommend the best LED TV family, although we recommend that you check first our TV buying guide 2014.

The most important aspects that we look for a good choice, are: SmartTV, viewing angle, 3D ...
The Smart TV is included, most models incorporate it, although there are some far better than others, you can visit our post: What is the best SmartTV 2014?
The viewing angle has a lot to do with the type of panel. IPS panels offer the best viewing angle, so they are advised to see the TV from different angles, quite common in large families. Besides the passive 3D TVs offer IPS is less tiring for the eyes and cheaper if you have to buy 3D glasses.

Definitely our best advice to the family LED TV models are LG 2014, with good viewing angle, good 3D and SmartTV one of the best.
Finally, if you want to play video games, the LG LED TV are not the most recommended. In this case you should look for a Sony (worst SmartTV) or Samsung (with worse viewing angle and 3D active)

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