Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Which is the best Smart tv 2014? UK

The SmartTV has come to televisions to stay. Most modern TVs have an Internet connection and all the medium-high range. The SmartTV is the platform used to access the Internet TVs. Which is better Smart TV LED TV 2014? The quick answer is Samsung and LG.

To decide what's the best Smart TV, we must consider several aspects, but in general we can say that is disappointing, it is not easy to use, it is rather slow and almost never used. We do not recommend the SmartTV be the deciding factor for choosing a TV. We advise you to review our TV buying guide to choose the best LED TV 2014 for you.

The basic aspects we should look at best SmartTV are: browser, compatibility, content, usability and speed.
The browser is important when we choose our SmartTV because it allows us to access the usual websites, there are some systems that use its own browser and other common one as Opera.

  • Compatibility is as important as the browser because if there is not support Flash/HTML5 content we will not be able to view (like youtube or rojadirecta).Besides surfing the Internet, allows you to use the SmartTV apps specifically created for SmartTV, including games, video, news, youtube, or usual channels. In terms of content Samsung is clearly the ruling.
  • The easy use is very important because some platforms are too complicated to use. To improve this aspect some models include controls TouchPad, Wii style pointers ... Of all the systems seem to LG, with its new Smart Remote Control command is the easiest to use.
  • The speed will depend above all on our Internet connection, which can be wired, ethernet, if we have the router next to the TV, Wi-Fi or if the router is in another room, most SmartTV includes Wi-Fi, and TV's processor. Not the same navigate with a TV than a computer / tablet, it should be clear that the best way to navigate with our TV is to connect a laptop to the TV by HDMI.

After seeing it on a TV rating aspects to connect to Internet excplicamos differences between some of the best 2014 SmartTV models.

LG SmartTV webOS:  LG takes years betting hard on the Smart TV, LG has launched a new system this year 2014, webOS, only models LG LB650V and higher. The new system is created by Firefox, this is very good and easy to use but found lack of content, but we hope that soon evolves. The best thing is your new remote control very easy to use, only included LB670V and higher.

Sony Entertainment Network: A platform for the Sony TVs to connect to the Internet. It's a little worse than Samsung and LG, although his 2014 SEM system is simple and clear, which I appreciate. The worst thing is still lacks content.

Panasonic Viera SmartTV: Panasonic has made an aesthetic arrangement to its platform and maintains a good system of Smart TV, very customizable. The worst thing you can say is that it still lacks content. It also incorporates some novelty like MyHomeScreen.

Samsung SmartTV: Samsung is the king of SmartTV, for years has the best SmartTV with much more content than its rivals, because while other brands are not convinced to incorporate SmartTV. Samsung follows the same system, but with more content and a Quad-Core processor to improve the speed. Also incorporates a touch remote control.

In addition to the Smart Internet TV allows you to control the TV with voice commands and gestures. There are also TVs that recognize us and recommend us according to our preferences, enable file sharing with the PC over Wi-Fi, ...

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