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Best LED TV 2015 comparative: Samsung H7000 Sony W955 LG LB870V Panaosnic AS800E ...

Which one is best 2014 LED TV? We present a comparison of the best flat screen FullHD models of each brand. The best TVs for sale during the first half 2015 are all excellent but there are important differences between them.
In this post we will compare the best LED FullHD TV. We do not consider the 4K UHD and curved screen. You can visit our 4K post all 2015 models.

The best 2014 LED TV are: Samsung H7000*, Sony W955*, LG LB870V, Panasonic AS802 ... The H8000 model and the Sony W829 aren't the "best" but we will also compare them.

2D Image Quality
There are many factors that influence picture quality, among other personal preferences. We recommend visiting our review: What LED TV is better in 2D image quality?
Samsung H7000 (9) as last year Samsung has a great picture with VA and Local Dimming, great contrast and deep black panel

  • Sony W955: (6) offers a really disappointing image quality for high-end TV, low black level, IPS panel
  • LG LB870V: (8) Local Dimming gets quite correct the lack of contrast of IPS panel.
  • Panasonic AS802: (?)
  • * Samsung H8000 (9) Same as H7000 has the best 2D image quality of 2014
  • * Sony W829: (9) The most surprising model, VA panel delivers excellent picture.

The SmartTV is here to stay, Samsung is still the best but all brands improved slightly this year 2014. You can read our post with the best SmartTV 2014
  • Samsung H7000: (9) Samsung remains on top of SmartTV, continues its system last year.
  • Sony W955: (8) Sony has made an advance this year 2014 as almost all brands.
  • LG LB870V: (9) LG was one of the best releases this year and its WebOS, very good system.
  • Panasonic AS802 (?) Keep something behind Samsung and LG, but offers some exciting new features like MyHomeScreen.
  • *Samsung H8000: (9.5) A good SmartTV as H7000 but with more extras.
  • *Sony W829: (8) The same SmartTV the W955.
3D Image
The 3D is included on all models medium to high end, there are two types of 3D Active / Passive system. 3D What is better?
Samsung H7000 (9) Samsung Active 3D works best in high-end models. Win on definition, although a bit dark image
  • Sony W955: (7) passive 3D because it uses IPS panels, interested only as an extra.
  • LG LB870V: (?)
  • Panasonic AS802: (9) Panasonic presents the best passive 3D and stands out as the best passive 3D 2014.
  • * Samsung H8000: (9) 3D the same H7000.
  • * Sony W829: (8) despite using Sony 3D active does not arrive at level of 3D Samsung.
The Audio LED TV is generally poor, especially in the mid-range models. If you enjoy a good audio system recommend buying external equipment. 
  • Samsung H7000: (7) Pretty poor compared to the H8000 model, although it has 40W 
  • Sony W955: (9) Surprise for the high quality sound, especially compared to other LED TV. 20/30W 
  • LG LB870V: (?) 
  • Panasonic AS802: (?) 
  • * Samsung H8000: (9) Improves Audio H7000 provides 40W 
  • * Sony W829: (8) It is acceptable Audio system for a TV of this range. 16W
The input lag is a measure only of interest to gamers. To read our full post on Which one is best LED TV to play 2014? 
  • Samsung H7000: (8) 33ms input lag is the recommended limit 
  • Sony W955: (9) 15ms, lowest 2014 
  • LG LB870V: (?) 
  • Panasonic AS802: (?) 
  • * Samsung H8000: (8) Keep the H7000 33ms 
  • * Sony W829: (9) 19ms, the Sony 2014 models are the most recommended for gamers.
In this case the approximate price 47-50/55 inches (June 2014)
  • Samsung H7000: 1100/1400£
  • Sony W955:  - /1500£
  • LG LB870V: 1300/1600£
  • Panasonic AS802: 1350/1650£
  • *Samsung H8000: 1300/1600£
  • *Sony W829: 800/1200£
Value for Price 
  • Samsung H7000; (8) is a very good TV but the price is rather high, we can save money by looking model series 6 as the H6500. 
  • Sony W955: (6) is an expensive TV and the picture quality is low, not recommended. 
  • LG LB870V: (?) 
  • Panasonic AS802: (?) 
  • *Samsung H8000: (9) is an excellent TV, good picture, good 3D, good SmartTV, extras, ... but that is curved, not persuaded. This is not cheap. 
  • *Sony W829: (9) This is not the best Sony LED TV 2014, according to the price range, but in our opinion is superior in image to the W955, and it's much cheaper. A television very recommended for those who want good quality 2D image and also for gamers.
Remind you that all these models are good TVs, and scores are between these models, not absolute. We recommend you check our TV buying guide before deciding on a model.

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