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Panasonic AX802B review UHD 4k 2014

The Panasonic AX802B is 4K TV 2014., This model is, SmartTV, 3D and offers a resolution UHD, known as 4K. The picture quality is very good, in definition and contrast, this model is as good as the TOP 4K models from Samsung and Sony. The Panasonic AX802B has good connections to one of the USB 3.0 and HDMI port 4K support. Panasonic incorporates the latest technology in its 4K model with very good SmartTV too. We recall that aren't 4K content available now, and NetFlix is the only platform that currently offers 4K, the Panasonic AX802B doesn't support NetFlix.
Should you buy a 4K UHD TV in 2014?

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Technical / Specifications:
Screen Size: 55 and 65 inches.
Technology: LED 4K Local Dimming Pro
Resolution: 3840 x 2160
3D: active
CMR: 2000Hz
Refresh rate: 200Hz
Processor: HEXA-Processing Engine Pro
Tuner: Sintonizador: DVB-T/T2/DVB-S2/DVB-C
  • SmartTV
  • Web Browser
  • Premium Touch Pad Controller
  • 3x HDMI
  • 3x USB
  • 2 Tuner
  • Audio 18W
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Visit TV LED Glossary for more information about what does mean HDMI, HDReady, CMR, HZ...

Design Panasonic AX802B: 

Panasonic AX800E (

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Conclusion (verdict):
Our opinion on the Panasonic AX802B is good, an excellent TV in picture quality, design is spectacular and offers a good SmartTV. Also this TV stands out for its 3D active than other models. The AX802B 4K is a good TV for gamers, as the inputlag is less than 40ms. The price is reasonable, somewhat cheaper than direct competition. We recommend you wait to buy UHD TVs, but if you're convinced, we recommend buying the Panasonic AX802B.

Model Name:
  • Panasonic AX802B
  • Panasonic AX802B
  • Panasonic AX802B
  • Panasonic AX802B

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