Friday, October 3, 2014

Philips PFH4109 cheapest Philips non-Smart TV 2014

The Philips PFH4109 LED TV is a low-end 2014, this model has not available Smart platform, it is not connected to internet. Despite being a simple TV picture quality is good, especially compared to other TVs in this price range.
This model is the same as the Philips PFT4319, with the only differences in the sound power and some additional input Audio / Video.
  • We recommend you read our full review of the Philips PFT4319, which is extrapolated to Philips PFH4109.
Summary Specifications:
Technology: LED 
Inch: 32, 40 and 50in
3D: no
Resolution: FullHD (1920x1080)
PMR: 100 Hz
Audio 20W
Without DVB-T2 
Philips Website

Philips PFH4109 (
Difference between Philips PFT4319 and PFH4109: 

The only difference between these models is the power of sound, while the PFT4319, top model, has 20W, the PFH4109 has10W model. Furthermore, the model does not include entries PFH4109 SCART, DVB-T2 or DVI audio input.

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Model Name:
  • Philips 32PHH4109 HD Ready
  • Philips 40PFH4109
  • Philips 50PFH4109

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