Friday, January 30, 2015

The best Smart platform 2015 TV (our comparative)

Our recommendations on each system SmartTV 2015 major TV brands: Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, LG, ... We present the comparison with the various developments.

The Smart TV is the platform for our TV which can access Internet. The Smart TV enables applications or surfing the Internet. Besides the SmartTV system allows us to control our TV set or a more "intelligent".

I don't want Smart platform on my TV!
Many buyers just want a TV to watch TV. All models incorporate high-end media or technology SmartTV or yes. All you can consult our list of TV models without Smart.

Samsung and LG have dominated the sector of Smart TV, this 2015 has many new features in this area then we suggest different platform.

Samsung Smart TV 2015: Tizen
The new Smart TV 2015 Tizen, evolves SmartTV 2014, which was the most complete, the new platform aims to be more minimalist, easier and faster than before. Samsung is coming to webOS full screen LG removing icons, allowing to watching TV while SmartTV consulted. They also improve the touchpad. The speed of navigation between applications is faster thanks to its Octa-Core (not on all models). Our rating: 8.5 (with remote Smart Control).
LG Smart TV: webOS 2.0
The 2014 LG Smart system was already very good but too slow. This new year has not changed much, especially in the aspect that remains. But what was the speed webOS seem to have improved by up to 60% this year 2015. Our rating: 9 (with Magic Remote)
Panasonic Smart TV: My Home Screen 2.0 system
Panasonic provided a simple and clear system, but has had to update your system anyway to avoid being left behind in the race for the best Smart TV. The Best of My Home Screen is the ability to customize the home screen.
The most notable is that the new system is based on Mozilla FireFox, and works well with multitasking and good speed. The overall look is much similar to LG webOS. Our rating: 8
Sony Smart TV: Android TV
It is perhaps the most changed from the 2014. Sony introduces its 2015 Smart TV system based on Android which allows access to Google Play, voice controls, duplicate Android mobile screen ... Not all models include the new Smart system: Android TV. Our rating: 8
Finally remind you that for us SmartTV should not be a determining factor in choosing your TV, which must prevail image quality factor as almost all SmartTV 2015 systems do the same thing. The Smart TV should be just a bonus.

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