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TV buying guide 2015: The best television


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This is the guide for choosing the best TV for you. The best TV will depend on each user and price of the uses're going to give etc ... We recommend you should look at ways to choose the right TV to your needs without having to overpay. Which TV to buy in 2016? is the question we want to answer in this post.

Advertising is often misleading. What most advertised is the screen size and the "Hz" plus lately is 4K or Ultra HD. You can check out our post on that technical features that should have a good LED TV.

The Best Time to Buy TV:
It is one of the questions most often answered: when is best time to buy a TV? The price of televisions always low as we approach the launch of new models. Our advice is not to buy the right televisions when they are new, since the price is above its value. As against during the first half of 2016 recommend buying 2015 models, unless you want the latest technology. We recommend you read our post with: when is the best time to buy a TV?

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There are many brands of TV, but we will recommend the best for their quality, reliability and price. What is the best brand of television in 2016?

Which TV should I buy?
There are five major aspects that we consider when we choose our new TV, a part of the brand: Screen Size, Budget, uses, Extras and Resolution.

Screen Size:
What is the recommended TV size? How many inches should my new TV? The first aspect to ditch the distance viewing, please see our guidance board resolutions FullHD

Size (inches)Distance (feet)
223 - 6
324 - 8
40 – 425 – 10
46 – 506 – 12
557 – 14
658 – 16

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Our recommendation is to buy the biggest TV possible because although they seem very large when unpack in a few weeks seem small. Also bear in mind that with 4K resolution sizes can be larger for the same distance.

What uses will have your LED TV?
Why we will use our TV? is not the same as choosing a TV to watch movies or play the PS4 or watching sports. While it is true that current models serve a little for everyone can read our tips depending on the use you'll give mainly.
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  • Recommendation TV the best 3D 2015
  • Recommendation TV the best Smart 2015
  • Recommendation TV to play PS3, PS4, Xbox, ...
There is always a TV that costs a little more and it is a little better, so our advice is marked up price when we started looking. The price of the TV has dropped sharply in recent years so you can get a 32-inch FullHD TV for 250£ or a model 65-inch 4K for 4000£

The TVs are no longer just for watching TV, now almost all models feature Smart platforms to connect to the Internet and use applications, and USB, HDMI, ... You can check our comparison on: What is the best Smart TV 2016?
All top models, including 3D, so if you want a good TV, it will have 3D, although not going to use, really is never or hardly ever used.

FullHD or 4K (UHD):
It seems that this 2015 TV 4K are fashionable. Many models all brands offer 4K (UHD), but we are still expensive and still not have content that can be viewed with this new resolution, we'll see if the future or not.

Where to buy a LED TV?
To save money we recommend waiting for days without any oversupply as taxes or similar, but you can also buy your TV online at trusted online stores which have a similar physical stores with oversupply price. We recommend buying from Amazon for speed, safety and price.

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