Monday, March 2, 2015

What TV you should buy during March 2015?

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We recommend you waht TV you should buy during March 2015? March is the month where new 2015 models begin to appear in some stores, but the price is too high at the time of launch. We recommend buying now a 2014 model, because his price is lower, we can even find a deal. Therefore we suggest visiting our post with: What is the best time to buy a TV?

As there are many model we also recommend reading our TV buying guide, where you can decide what you need from your TV.
Despite everything you just mentioned will recommend the TV that we would buy for this in March 2015, for its value, or better value for money.

March 2015:
Low/mid-range TV: We recommend the Samsung 5000 Series: H5300, H5303, H5500, H5570, ... a flat LED with Smart TV, good image and economic
Midrange TV: With 3D and SmartTV recommend 6000 Series AS640 Samsung and Panasonic with a Sony model that is lowered.
  • Panasonic 40AS640 40 inch Panasonic 40AS640E
  • Samsung 48H6200 48 inch 
High-end TV: Smart are full HD TVs and 3D, as well as mid-range models, but Hz and significantly improve the image contrast.
  • Sony 42W829B 42 inch
If you are interested in buying a cheap TV Large and we'll recommend the 60 inch Sony W605B, good image and oversized: Sony KDL-60W605B
These are the televisions that we would buy this in March 2015, but if your budget allows there are plenty of recommended models.

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