Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Panasonic CX700B: Our opinion abaout cheap 4K TV 2015

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Our review of the Panasonic CX700B is good, this is a TV with 4K resolution (UHD) midrange. Panasonic aims, with CX700B, offering affordable 4K TV. The connections are good, even with a USB 3.0 port. and all necessary tuners. The system SmartTV My Home Screen is version 2.0, in collaboration with FireFox. The 4K allows a stunning definition and 800Hz BMR ensure proper display with fast moving images.
Technical / Specifications:
Screen-size: 40, 50, 55 and 65 inches. 
Technology: VA LED Local Dimming
Resolution: 4K Ultra HD 3840 x 2160
3D: yes
Refresh: 200Hz ?
BMR: 800Hz 
Processor: Quad-Core Pro 
SmartTV: My Home Screen 2.0 (FireFox)
  • 3x HDMI 
  • 2x USB +  USB 3.0
  • USB-HDD Recording
  • Audio 20W
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Panasonic CX700B Design:

Panasonic CX700B (

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Conclusion (verdict):
Our opinion about the Panasonic CX700B is good, very good. We believe that this model is one of the best affordable 4K 2015. Not the best TV, as for example: JS9500 Samsung or LG OLED are clearly better. Panasonic has decided to offer 4K for all budgets. The lower model is CX680B but has only 200Hz BLS. In the 4K TV is very importantly the issue of Hz so we recommend you buy the Panasonic CX700B if you want a UHD TV at affordable price.

Name of models:
What's the meaning of the name of Panasonic 2015 TV?
  • Panasonic TX-40CX700B
  • Panasonic TX-50CX700B
  • Panasonic TX-55CX700B
  • Panasonic TX-65CX700B

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