Thursday, April 2, 2015

Difference between Samsung JS9500 and JS9000

Samsung TVs JS9000 and JS9500 are the best of the South Korean brand by 2015. These televisions feature exceptional image quality, with the top model considered the best current image. Both models include active 3D and SmartTV Tizen.

What are the differences between Samsung JS9500 and JS9000?
Technologies to improve image quality are Pro / Ultimate, a small difference together with the PQI: higher in the JS9500: 2400Hz.
We believe the biggest difference is the type of panel, the JS9000 features: Edge LED panel and JS9500 Full-array. As extras the JS9500 includes: web camera while the JS9000 is compatible but not included. The available screen size also varied, the top model is only in very large screen sizes from 65 inches.
UE55JS9000T Front Silver
Samsung JS9000
UE65JS9500T L Perspective Silver
Samsung JS9500
Samsung JS9500 vs Sasmung JS9000
Screen Size
65, 78 and 88 inches / 48, 55 and 65 inches
Image Quality
Illuminator Peak Ultimate / Peak Illuminator Pro
Precision Black Pro / Precision Black
2400Hz / 2000Hz
Integrated / support
Panel technology
Edge LED / Full Array

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