Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Panasonic Smart TV 2015: My Home Screen 2.0 Our opinion

My Home Screen 2.0 is the 2015 Panasonic Smart platform, through this platform can access Internet content and applications. This system improves using Panasonicy 2015 models are based on FireFox.
Not everything is the Smart TV:
My Home Screen 2.0 is easy to use thanks to its graphic interface, in addition to using open source to promote their development. It is a quick system but lacks time applications. The browser is difficult to use without a mouse and keyboard. The best of my Home Screen 2.0 is the possibility to configure the home screen according to your preferences.

Panasonic introduce el sistema operativo Firefox en sus nuevos Smart TV

The remote touchpad also improves, expanding the touch surface that allows better control of the mouse .. (confirmar modelo??)

We can conclude that the Smart system works well, it is quite fast but this isn't the best of 2015. Video Panasonic My Home Screen 2.0

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