Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Sony Smart TV: AndroidTV 2015 review

The Sony system for connecting to Internet is the Android TV, its Smart platform to access applications and navigate the Internet. Sony completely changes its SEM for Android-based model.
Not everything is the Smart TV:
The best of Android Sony TV is the compatibility with different devices and the voice command function. The interface is not as simple (minimal) as the LG webOS.
Andorid seem to fight for make the jump to OS of the TV, but it's still a young system and is not up to others like LG.
The remote control is: Touchpad remote control but not as functional as pointers controls, best for access to the menus. Perhaps it is better to use the smartphone as a remote control.

In conclusion we can say that we expect a lot of Android in the future, especially in applications, but the interface is far behind its competitors. The pointer control would also be a good help. Despite this, which will be the limits of Google OS TV?. Video Sony Android TV

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