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Best Value TVs 2015-2016


Post updated: TV advice February 2017

We are already approaching the end of the year so that all major models are available in stores until April 2016 do not appear new models. You can visit our pos: When is the best time to buy a TV?

In this post we will recommend the best TVs "quality-price-features" of this 2015 in our opinion. All these sets are the recommended buy for the end of 2015 and first half of 2016

Best television 2016 Value Price

Panasonic TX-CS520B: Low Range FullHD

It's a really cheap for the quality of image that offers TV, the resolution is full HD and its strongest point is the good black level. The Smart: My Home Screen does not highlight like the audio, this is the most recommended and inexpensive TV allows us to purchase a 50-inch screen for £529.00

Sony W805C: High End FullHD

Probably the best television FullHD 2015 model. This TV out for image quality in both 3D and 2D where blacks are deep and dark scenes look perfectly. Android Smart is the new platform that works well but lacks developed. With the Sony W808C you can get a 55-inch TV with a very good and extras FullHD 3D image for £829.00

Panasonic CX700B: Low Range 4K

This is a TV with economic 4K resolution, if you want a good 4K without spending a small fortune this is the TV. It has a pretty decent SmartTV system, but not the best. We do not think you can buy a TV 4K with better image quality that the Panasonic CX700B for less money.

Samsung JU7000: Medium Range 4K

An excellent TV if you want to play with the console this is your TV. It's not an economic model but if your budget permits the JU7000 4K offers a very good image, good Smart ,3D, audio quality, overall a television highly recommended if you reach the budget. A full TV and the last, which can be purchased the Samsung 65JU7000T

Samsung JS8500 / JS9000: High-end 4K

These models are TOP: Super Ultra HD Samsung called them. These present the best picture of 2015, the JS9000 is somewhat higher than: JS8500 but the price makes it affordable for many compardores only JS8500. If you have the money to buy these models do not hesitate.

Our full review of these models:
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