Tuesday, February 16, 2016

How much cost a 2017 Smart TV?

How much costs a TV in 2017? What is the price of new LED TV?

It is not easy to define that price has a TV and it depends on the screen size, features the model shop where you buy it .. the month of year when shopping is also important.
In this post we will list indicative prices as screen size and range: low-medium-high.
The prices here are approached online stores like Amazon, where you can save 20% on usual physical stores.

Price 32-inch LED TV 2017:
Non-SmartTV: £300
SmartTV: £400

Price 40-43 inch LED TV 2017:
Non-Smart: £400
SmartTV: £600

Price 49-50 inch LED TV 2017:
SmartTV FullHD: £600
4K: £850

Price 55-60 inch LED TV 2017:
SmartTV FullHD: £8000
4K: £1200

These prices of televisions2017 are approximate. We have not taken into account the TOP models only available in large sizes and with a price of more than £2000-3000.

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