Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Curved vs Flat TVs: Is the curve screen recommended?

This 2017 curved displays are available in some stores. Important brands like Samsung offer several models with curved screen. Other brands have some model but not many, in 2017 we will have few models with curved screen, especially Samsung and surely some Sony.

Which means curved TV?

Current curved TVs have a slight curvature, not exaggerated. This is measured by the radius of curvature, for example: 4200R, 3000R, ... This value represents the radius of curvature, the screen size must be taken into account as a plus size more necessary to the radius curve.

Curved Screens Pros:

The main advantage is that these screens have the sense of involvement of the image, where our angle of vision is within the screen, this effect produces the sensation of seeing images depther.
The contrast and color is a value that we lose as we see the TV from the side, with curved panels this effect is diminished because the image comes closer to the ideal 90º.

Curved Screens Cons:

One of the problems of the LED screens are the reflexes, screens of this type may increase these reflections in the corners. They are also not recommended is we need to see it from the side, they are only recommended for viewing from the front, even if the size is large there is much room to correct vision.
The small screen sizes are not recommended since the positive effects disappear if we choose large screen greatly improves their positive effects and also increases the number of correct of viewing positions, the problem lies in the price of televisions 65 inches or more.
As we mentioned last disadvantage if you want to put your TV on the wall curved, it can be a little unusual as decoration.


Our view is: Why buy a curved TV if it is not necessary? We recommend buying curved screens if you want or large television: +60 inches and does not intend to hang on the wall, for everything else recommend flat screens.

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