Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Samsung JU7000 vs JU6800: Comparative

Both models provide a resolution: UltraHD (or 4K UHD) they are Smart. The JU6800 not include 3D. What is the difference in image quality between Samsung JU7000 and JU6800?
The main difference between these TVs is the technology used to improve the image of their VA panels.

Differences Samsung JU6800 vs JU7000

The JU6800 model includes Nano Crystal Color (available in models Top) that improves the range of colors technology, but it's hard to tell if the content is not 4K. The other model has JU7000 technology as Precision Black and Peak Illuminator.

Other differences JU7000 vs JU6800
The JU7000 is a more complete model, in terms of extras includes remote "Smart Touch Remote", 3D and DVB-S2. Other extra of JU7000 is the Mini One Connect.

The design is different:
If we compare the price of 55-inch models we can see that the difference is £200 aprox.
  • Samsung JU7000 £1,500
  • Samsung JU6800 £1,350
The difference between the two models is poor we can say that in image quality: the JU6800 has better color, but JU7000 is better contrast and detail in clear / black. The JU7000 is more expensive but has more extras like 3D.

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