Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sony X8507 vs LG UF850V: comparison

Differences Sony X8505 vs LG UF850V? Our comparative to choose the best TV of the two during the 2015 and first half of 2016.
Both models are high-end, 4K, 3D and Smart.

Comparison LG UF8507 vs X8507

Picture quality:
The contrast and viewing angle are the main difference between these two TVs, because of their panels are IPS vs VA.
The LG UF850V has wider viewing angle, the picture quality is very good: with 4K content and FullHD, also it has PQI 1400Hz and Local Dimming that works really well. The worst is the Contrast in, blacks are not entirely black, especially noticeable if we whatch the TV in a dark room.
The Sony X8505C offers amazing picture quality, contrary to the LG provides good contrast (behind Panasonic CX800B). FullHD quality content is displayed well and 4K excellent. For cons viewing angle is smaller so it loses quality if seen from the side.

Smart Platform:
In this aspect there is no discussion: LG System webOS is greater than AndoirdTV Sony, although we expect the AndoirdTV improve over time.
LG passive 3D is better.

Neither of them televisions have an acceptable inputlag for real gamers, we recommend looking high-end Samsung models. In any case if you are casual player, these TVs are fine a little better the Sony: 40ms.
The price difference is arround £200: (55in)
  • Sony X8505 £1,199
  • LG UF850V £999
Our views should take priority 2D image quality above any other aspect when we have to choose a TV. Following our own advice we recommend the Sony X8505C over LG UF850V, although LG has its advantages as a best Smart, extras, 3D, ... we only recommend it if you need to inevitably watch the TV from the side, or if you prefer extras rather than picture quality.

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