Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Panasonic CX700B vs Samsung JU6400

We compare in this post the two models: JU6400 and CX700B. Both LG and Panasonic models are mid-range 4K. Overall are two good TVs.

Comparative Samsung JU6400 vs Panasonic CX700B

Picture quality:
The picture quality is similar, very good in both cases for a TV of this price. These TVs use panels: VA, with good contrast and both offer 4K. The image scaling fullHD works well. If we had to choose one of the two we can consider slightly higher the Panasonic, because of the uniformity of the panel.
The Samsung Tizen system is a bit higher than Panasonic MyHome Screen 2.0
In this respect we can not compare because Samsung does not include 3D support, however the Panasonic CX700B is active 3D.

Both TVs used to play, but if you are a real gamer, we will recommend the Samsung, as its inputlag is less than 30ms.
We found no significant difference in price between the two models. According to the online store it is more expensive one or the other. The price for 55-inch Currys are:
  • Panasonic CX700B £1,000
  • Samsung JU6400 £1,100 
In picture quality are very similar, the Smart is superior in Samsung but excludes 3D. We can say that is a clear draw and you must decide which you prefer. Read our TV buying guide 2015 to decide which factors are most important ara you.

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