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What TV to buy for Christmas/December 2015?

Christmas is a time of many TV sales. This year 2015 will not be different and sales are divided between 4K and Full HD televisions, both models with LED technology. What TV should buy during December 2015? What TV we recommend you to buy in Christmas 2015?

In this post we will present the models that we recommend as the screen size you're looking for. If you are not sure which screen size is best suited to your needs we recommend you visit our TV buying guide where you will find this and other recommendations

Is a good time to buy a TV?

We think it is a good time, at this time throwing good deals It is true that the TV every day are a bit cheaper, but not much difference if you buy in online stores.

What TV to buy in January 2016?

In January  2016 we will recommend some interesting models we consider according the screen size you're looking for. Remember that our advice is: "The bigger is better",always within limits of correct viewing.

32-inch TV: Full HD

The 32 inch today are small televisions. The best models are not produced in these inches.
  • Low-Range Samsung J5100: £189.00 one of the cheapest TV with HD resolution recommended. No Smart.
  • Mid-Range LG LF650V: A good mid-range TV with Smart and beuna good image. We recommend choosing between this model and the Samsung J6200. Price  £309.00

40-43 inch TV: Full HD / 4K

This size is ideal for about 2m away, although the contents of low quality may not be quite right.
  • Low-Range Samsung J5100: this non-Smart TV is one of the cheapest with FullHD resolution. Price £300.00
  • Mid/Low-Range Samsung J5500: Good cheap TV, but little Samusng recommend J6200 or LG LF652V. Price £359.00
  • Mid/High-Range Sony W805C: Sony W805C one of the best TV FullHD, or CX700E Panasonic 4K. Price £499.00
  • High-Range Samsung JU7000: The best TV you can buy today in this size range, do not think it is necessary for 40-inch 4K but if you want the best, this is the model you should buy. Price £849.00

46-50 inch TV: Full HD / 4K

This size is recommended for 2.5m or more. For us the new standard size for most homes.
  • Low-Range LG LF540V: an opportunity almost to get a 49-inch TV to less than 400 £. This TV has no extras but the image is correct: for not very demanding users, while retaining the full HD resolution. Price £489.00
  • Mid-Range Panasonic CS630E: a good TV FullHD, possibly one of the best in image quality although the Smart is worse than the competition. Price £ 650 
  • High-Range Samsung JU7000: A 4K TV very good but not cheap, here is one of the most recommended in all aspects, if your budget is a little less recommend looking for other models of Samsung JU6 *** as JU6400 or JU6640 . 

55 inch TV: Full HD / 4K

This is the size (not huge) big screen, it is increasingly common to see in not very large rooms, the minimum distance between 2.5 and 3 meters.
  • Low-Range LG LF580V: £650 a good FullHD with good Smart. The webOS2.0 good work, good connectivity, the picture is not comparable with the best TV but most can be enough. Price £633.99
  • Mid-Range Panasonic CX700B: a good TV 4K at a reasonably affordable price. One of the best choices for money, but the Smart is inferior to the LG and Samsung models. Price £1,379.00
  • High-Range Sony X8507C: A very good 4K TV, the image quality is paramount is very good, highly recommended for TV that does not care too the Smart more than file sharing. 
  • High-end Samsung JS9000: As image is excellent, the Smart is also excellent, perhaps the best among the models 4K TV with "affordable" price as there are over £ 3000. 

60-65 inch TV: Full HD / 4K

They are huge and usually very expensive screens. These sizes are recommended for more than 3m viewing distance. We will recommend some models that we believe have a good relationship "size-quality-price."
  • Mid/High-Range LG UF770V: 4K resolution with good Smart and 60-inch screen size. Price £1,199.00
  • High-Range Samsung JU7500: A 4K TV with very good curve and 65-inch screen size. Great picture quality and good Smart in an incredible display. Price £1,998.98 
  • High-End Samsung JS9500: As there is no better image, this TV is priced within reach of few, our advice is to seek a lower model as the JS9000 and save a few hundred £, anyway if money is not problem for you, I recommend buying this TV. Price £3,477.45
* Screens over 65 inches: There are even larger models, some for just over £ 2000. We recommend you see directly models over 65 inches on the website of Amazon.


These are our general recommendations for all users, you can visit the link to our review of each model. If you have questions you can leave a comment and we try to advise you.

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