Wednesday, January 27, 2016

All 2016 models Panasonic TV (line-up UK)

In this post you can find all the TVs that Panasonic put on sale in UK with the link to our opinions. Panasonic 2016 (line-up) do not reach stores until a few months so we recommend reading our post:
When is best time to buy a LED TV?

News Panasonic TVs 2016
One of the most notable developments of  Panasonic is ¿the models of television with OLED technology? Also the high-end models are compatible with HDR technology and extends range of 4K leaving the models with FullHD resolution almost relegated. About Smart, waiting to try the new Firefox OS 2.5 but we expected to be passed to AndroidTV.


Panasonic DX902: Review
  • TX-65DX902B
  • TX-58DX902B
Panasonic DX802: Review
  • TX-58DX802B
  • TX-50DX802B
Panasonic DX780: Review
  • TX-65DX780B
  • TX-58DX780B
  • TX-50DX780B
Panasonic DX750: Review
  • TX-65DX750B
  • TX-58DX750B
  • TX-50DX750B
    Panasonic DX700: Review
    • TX-58DX700B
    • TX-50DX700B
    • TX-40DX700B
    Panasonic DX650: Review
    • TX-55DX650B
    • TX-49DX650B
    • TX-40DX650B
    Panasonic DX600: Review
    • TX-55DX600B
    • TX-49DX600B
    • TX-40DX600B


    Panasonic DS500: review
    • TX-24DS500B (720p)
    • TX-32DS500B (720p)
    • TX-40DS500B
    • TX-49DS500B
    • TX-55DS500B
    Panasonic DS400
    • TX-40DS400

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