Wednesday, January 27, 2016

All TV Samsung 2016 (line-up) UK models

This is the list (line-up) of all Samsung TV models on sale during 2016 in UK. As new models are appearing in stores will update our list. You can find our view of each model on the links. The new Samsung 2016 are not for sale until March-April, so we recommend you visit our post: When is best time to buy a LED TV?

News Samsung TVs 2016
A new feature is the new Smart Tizen with features such as allowing users to access their favorite shows or control any external devices with the remote Smart Control, plus games and Smart of Things (IoT). About the picture quality continues its high-end models with HDR technology and further extends the range of 4K.


KS9500 Series Our Review
  • Samsung UE55KS9500
  • Samsung UE65KS9500
  • Samsung UE78KS9500
KS9000 Series Our Review
  • Samsung UE55KS9000
  • Samsung UE65KS9000
  • Samsung UE78KS9000
KS8000 Series Our Review
  • Samsung UE55KS8000
  • Samsung UE65KS8000
  • Samsung UE78KS8000
KS7500 Series Our Review
  • Samsung UE49KS7500
  • Samsung UE55KS7500
KS7000 Series Our Review
  • Samsung UE49KS7000
  • Samsung UE55KS7000

4K UltraHD

KU6670 Series Our Review
  • Samsung UE43KU6670
  • Samsung UE49KU6670
  • Samsung UE55KU6670
KU6500 Series Our Review
K6510 White
  • Samsung UE43KU6500
  • Samsung UE49KU6500
  • Samsung UE55KU6500
KU6470 Series Our Review
  • Samsung UE40KU6470
  • Samsung UE49KU6470
  • Samsung UE55KU6470
KU6400 Series Our Review
  • Samsung UE40KU6400
  • Samsung UE43KU6400
  • Samsung UE49KU6400
  • Samsung UE55KU6400
  • Samsung UE65KU6400
KU6100 Our Review
  • Samsung UE43KU6100
  • Samsung UE49KU6100
  • Samsung UE55KU6100
  • Samsung UE65KU6100
KU6000 Our Review
  • Samsung UE40KU6000
  • Samsung UE43KU6000
  • Samsung UE49KU6000
  • Samsung UE55KU6000
  • Samsung UE60KU6000
  • Samsung UE65KU6000


K6300 Our Review
  • Samsung UE40K6300
  • Samsung UE49K6300
  • Samsung UE55K6300
K5500 Our Review
(K5510 white)
  • Samsung UE32K5500
  • Samsung UE40K5500 
  • Samsung UE49K5500
  • Samsung UE55K5500

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