Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Should you buy an HDR TV in 2016?

Some HDR models are already present in 2015, and many more will appear in 2016, but you should buy a HDR TV in 2016?
Our answer is yes, we like HDR TVs, improve the image quality both whiter whites and grays, brightness, sharpness, ... The truth is that TVs are improved.
Should you buy an HDR TV in 2016?
Here we encounter the problem that we have seen in recent years in the technological developments of televisions. First with 3D-capable display, when were almost nonexistent 3D movies. Last year the 4K TVs were the most sales, ouch all brands presented this technology for the midrange, but new content platforms like Netflix or Youtube now begin to appear. 

The contents as with 4K will be scarce, although some Internet TV platforms like Netflix say they are prepared to make a qualitative leap, only one of the series that can be viewed with HDR offers. Furthermore it is unclear by sacrificing HDR emissions 4K.

We believe the same as with the arrival of Ultra HD (4K) technology, wait a bit yet, as the mid-range models include this technology at reasonable prices do not hesitate to buy a television prepared for the future, but if you must pay £1,500 for a better HDR buy a 4K TV for £1,000.

HDR TVs only recommend buying if you are thinking of buying the best of the best this 2016, for ordinary users do not need to break his head in this matter.

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