Wednesday, January 13, 2016

What is HDR 2017 TV?

The HDR TVs is the next step in picture quality after 4K models as common since 2015.
HDR meaning High Dynamic Range and implies an improvement in image quality, but to enjoy this technology not only the TV must be prepared if that content must also be HDR, so for now we can not enjoy this technology although our new TV is HDR.

The improvement in TVs with the HDR (High Dynamic Range) is significant and the main thing is that we can enjoy brighter images with colors and sharper reflexes, a wide range of color makes the tones are richer and more realistic.

These HDR TVs were available 2015, Samsung with letters in the name JS: JS8500, JS9000 and JS9500. We hope this 2016 appear more models with this technology, but we always talk about high-end TVs.

It is clear that this technology is not interested for now, a normal user, as that for some time there will be no content available, the price will be very high, only for the most demanding users without budget problems. If you are interested in buying a TV in 2016 does not have to focus on the HDR technology, we recommend looking for a good full HD or 4K TV.

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