Wednesday, February 17, 2016

What means the name of 2016 Sony TV?

2016 Sony TVs uses a series of letters and numbers that indicate their most important technical specifications from the range to the size of the TV or tuners. In this post we explain you what means the name of the 2016 Sony TV.

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1-The 2016 Sony TV starting with three / two letters, the options are KDL or KD, and refers to the resolution.
  • KDL: FullHD / HDReady
  • KD: 4K UHD
2- The next two digits indicate the screen size in inches: 32, 40, 48, 55, 65, ...

3- The following set of 2 letters include:
  • XD: 4K flat screen 
  • SD: 4K curved screen
  • WD: FullHD flat screen
  • RD: FullHD / HDReady:  flat screen no-Smart
4- The serial number indicates the range, the higher is the best range of the TV, although there are exceptions and we recommend to you reviewing our opinions on each model. This year the numbering would range from 400 to 900

5-All XD, WD and RD models are 2016

Example: What does the nomenclature of Sony TV 2016?
  • Sony KD-55XD8505: 4K
  • Sony KD-55XD8505: 55 inches
  • Sony KD-55XD8505: FlatScreen
  • Sony KD-55XD8505: 2016
  • Sony KD-55XD8505: medium-high range

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