Tuesday, February 23, 2016

What does the name of the 2016 Samsung TV?

Samsung 2016 TVs are appointed with a series of digits: letters and numbers that indicate what type of television set is. What does the name of the new TVs Samsung 2016? What is the significance of these digits?
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1- The name of Samsung TV begins with two letters indicating that part of the world for which it was manufactured:
  • EU: Europe
  • UN: America
  • UA: Asia
2- The first two numbers indicate the screen size: 32, 43, 50, 55, 65, ... (in inches)

3- The set of one or two letters will find after the size indicate the year of manufacture and the type of resolution
  • KS: 4K HDR
  • KU: 4K 
  • K: FullHD/HD ready
J: 2015
H: 2014
F: 2013
ES: 2012
D: 2011

4- The number of "4 digits" final indicates the category. The higher number, the better TV. While there may be exceptions, so we recommend you read our review of each model.

5. The last two letters do not usually appear in advertising, but we suggest that country has been manufactured, we show you the list of countries that are the different letters.
  • (XU) UK
  • (XC) Spain, Portugal, Slovenia
  • (ZG) Germany, Austria, Switzerland
  • (ZF) France
  • (ZT) Italy
  • (XE) Nordics
  • (BT / XH)
Example: What does the nomenclature of 2016 Samsung TV?
  • Ѕamsung 43КЅ7500XU Europe
  • Ѕamsung UЕ43КЅ7500XU: 43 inches
  • Ѕamsung UЕ43КЅ7500XU: 2016
  • Ѕamsung UЕ43КЅ7500XU: 4K HDR
  • Ѕamsung UЕ43КЅ7500XU: medium range
  • Ѕamsung UЕ43КЅ7500XU: UK

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