Monday, March 7, 2016

What the name of Panasonic TVs 2016 means?

TVs Panasonic brand 2016 has a long name, this consists of a series of numbers and letters which indicate different aspects of the type of TV. In this post we will explain what is the meaning of the name of the Panaosnic TVs in 2016.

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The TV we use as an example is the Panasonic TX-55DX902B

1. The first letters inform us of the area of ​​the world for which it was made: Panasonic TX-55DX902B
  • TX: Europe
  • TC: America
2. The first two numbers are the screen size: 40, 50, 55, 65, ...
  • Panasonic TX-55DX902B
3. The first of the two middle letters indicates the year of manufacture: Panasonic TX-55DX902B
  • D: 2016
  • C: 2015
  • A: 2014
4. The next letter the type of screen: Panasonic TX-55DX902B
  • Z: OLED
  • X: Resolution 4K flat
  • R: Curved 4K Resolution
  • S: FullHD flat
5. The numbers indicate the number from 400 to 900:
  • Panasonic TX-55DX902B
6. The last letter usually not advertised, indicates that countries is the model: Panasonic TX-55DX902B
  • B: United Kingdom, Ireland, ...
  • E: Spain, France, Italy, ..

Example: Panasonic TX-55DX902B

Panasonic TX-55DX902B: Europe
Panasonic TX-55DX902B: 55 inches
Panasonic TX-55DX902B: 2016
Panasonic TX-55DX902B: 4K Resolution
Panasonic TX-55DX902B: High Range
Panasonic TX-55DX902B: UK Ireland

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