Wednesday, March 2, 2016

What does the name of the 2016 LG TV?

What the name mean of the 2016 LG TVs? What mean the series of numbers and letters of your name?

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1. The first two numbers are the screen size: 43, 49, 55, 65, ... (inches)
  • LG 60UH650V
2. The first letter indicates the resolution of the TV: LG 60UH650V
  • L: Resolution FullHD / HD Ready
  • U: Resolution UltraHD / 4K
  • G / E / C / B: Technology OLED panel
3. The following letter indicates the year of manufacture: LG 60UH650V
  • H: 2016
  • F: 2015
  • B: 2014
4. The serial number indicates the category of TV, the higher the number is assumed that the TV is better, although there are exceptions:
  • LG 60UH650V
5. The last letrao number indicates whether it is a model for Europe with the appropriate tuner or America: LG 60UH650V
  • V: Europe
  • 0: America

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