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Comparison: the best HDTV 2015/2016

What is the best TV no 4K? During 2015 and the first half of 2016 these are the best TVs with HD resolution that can be purchased.

We compare in this post the best HDTV for each brand: Panasonic, LG, Samsung and Sony.

The TVs chosen as the best models that can be found in most stores are:

Comparison: the best TV 2015/2016

All TVs mentioned share several technical specifications such as resolution, Wi-Fi, HDMI, USB, Smart ...
But there are several differences between these models mentioned below. We performed a score on only these models.

2D picture quality:

The 2D picture quality is largely different between the LG LF630V with IPS panel and other panels assembling VA. The LG is better to watch from the side and the other the best for watching movies in darkened rooms. The Panasonic CS620B out as the best balance occurs between lit and dark environments, behaves very well in both environments.
  • J6200 8
  • W805C: 8
  • CS620B: 9
  • LF630V: 7

3D picture quality:

The 3D is only available on the Sony W805C and Panasonic CS620B. Samsung J6200 and LG LF630V models haven't 3D support. The 3D TV models are both active system and Panasonic is somewhat better.
  • J6200: -
  • W805C 8
  • CS620B: 9
  • LF630V: -

Smart Platform:

The Smart Platform is the program that allows Internet access and other functions. The Panasonic has the Smart 2014 (not updated). The webOS 2.0 LG Smart is currently the best platform. More: What Smart 2015 platform is the best?
  • J6200: 8.5
  • W805C 8
  • CS620B: 6
  • LF630V: 9


For gamers the input lag is a very important. More: list all TV inputlag 2015.
  • J6200 7
  • W805C 8
  • CS620B: 6
  • LF630V: 6

Value for Money:

The prices of these TVs are fairly similar, we recommend you buy your new TV: online at
  • J6300 8 £549.00
  • W805C 7 £599.00 
  • CS620B 8 £621.65 
  • LF630V 7 £631.65


We emphasize the relation "image quality-price" of Panasonic CS620B, but with extras worse, especially SmartTV worse. The LG LF630V highlight it as the best to watch from the side and with the best Smart, so it is ideal for the whole family. The Samsung J6200 may be the most balanced and Sony W805C the best for gamers.

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