Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Dolby Vision HDR10 HLG What HDR is better?

There are three types of HDR TVs: HDR10 and Dolby Vision and in 2017 appears HLG powered by the BBC.
The HDR is the bet to improve the quality of the image in the TVs after the resolution 4K. I can say that this increase in resolution increases the number of pixels while the HDR improves the quality of these pixels.
In 2016 Samsung, Panasonic and Sony are betting on HDR10 while LG is making televisions that are compatible with both formats. Some important platforms like Netflix and Amazon support both formats.
In 2017 many high end models of all brands have compatibility both HDR10 and DolbyVision and HLG, some require future updates.

The main differences are that the HDR10 is an open standard while DolbyVision is owned. Both HDR-10 and HLG offer 10-bit color, 12-bit DolbyVision. At peak of maximum brightness all allow more nits than can currently reach any TV, from 4000 to 10000nits.

The HLG is for streaming broadcast from the BBC, HDR10 for Youtube and Netflix and Dolby for some Blueray players and some Netflix content too

The high-end 2017 televisions include the dual HDR10 and Dolby compatibility and it seems that with upgrade they can be compatible with HLG. Medium-range models are usually compatible with HDR10

Our 2017 advice for average consumers is to buy HDR10 televisions, but if it is also compatible with Dolby Vision, better than better. On the rest of formats are recommended only for the most Freaks or for those who want the best image quality and have no budget problems.
We are still waiting to see the new models and the implementation of the HLG.

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