Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Which Smart 2017 platform is better?

What is the best Smart platform of 2017 televisions. As in previous years each brand continues to bet on a different platform based on Andoird, Firefox, Linux, ... To date LG seems to be a step above the competition. In this post we compare the different platforms of the main brands in the world of SmartTV. The TVs 2017 do not reach stores until April so we recommend you read our post Best Smart 2016-2017

Before evaluating each platform we warn that the Smart is not the same as having a computer connected to the TV, usually when we use a Smart for the first time we are disappointed, it is slow, difficult to handle, sailing is a bit of a task ... but Always comparing it with a PC. Smart platforms give us access to television applications on demand, allows us to talk to our TV, Internet, ...

I don't want SmartTV on my TV!
No problem, if you do not want to use the Smart because it does not connect and ready, you can use your TV normally. Currently few models, and all low-end, do not include the Internet connection. You can see our list with TV models without SmartTV.

LG webOS 3.5

Good platform, simple and fast. This webOS platform is one of the best valued for years, this new version 2017 is just an update with some new features and little else. The best your command pointer. More about webOS 3.5

Samsung Tizen 

It's basically the same as the previous year with some improvements like mobile integration with the app. Reminder system, some new applications ... The previous year was already good and this year they are still on the same path. It has many applications. More about Tizen 2017

Sony AndroidTV

Sony continues with Android and although we still expect a lot from AndroidTV, these last few years has been one of the worst among the big. It includes some new applications like all the 2017 systems and although we do not expect important changes in its interface we hope to solve the problems of stability of the last years. The voice search within applications is the best. We keep waiting. More on AndroidTV 2017

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