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Differences Sony XE8505 vs XE9005

They are two 2017 TVs with 4K resolution and compatible with HDR. The screen is flat VA, so it gains in deeper blacks and loses in viewing angle. The panel is 100Hz in both cases. These are some of the main features they present in common, but there are important differences.

Comparison XE9005 vs XE8505

The first difference we highlight is the panel type, the XE9005 is DirectLED and the XE8505 is EdgeLED. The XE9005 is superior in HDR with the direct LED backlight that improves the HDR performance and in addition this one has something more of MotionFlow. In image processing they have the same X1 processor that works well. The X-tended Dynamic Range PRO included in the top model only allows you to combine deeper blacks with superior brightness in each scene by enhancing the HDR.

Recommended Price:
In sizes of 55 inches on the £2000 the XE9005 and £1700 the XE8505.


The stand is different and on top thinner the EdgeLED. The XE8505 has variants with small differences like the XE8577, XE8588, XE8596 and is available from 55 inches. The XE9005 has a 49-inch model.


The Sony XE9005 is a better model, the DirectLED panel is the main difference, but the XE8505 is not far, it is a good model if you find it at a good price. The Sony XE8505 is more than enough for most users who need a good TV to watch movies, sports, etc. The XE9005 also fits the same type of buyer, but improves HDR content a bit. Both models are recommended if you are going to watch from the front, as the angle of view of both models is reduced.

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