Thursday, July 12, 2018

Sony XF9005 vs XF8505: which one is better?

These are two of the best televisions Sony 2018-2019 leaving aside those that use OLED technology, which are quite expensive. In common it has some of the main features such as flat screen, 100Hz, same Smart, USB and HDMI connection, HDR compatibility and 4K resolution. But in image quality they have very significant differences.

Sony XF9005 vs XF8505

The main difference between these two televisions is the panel, the top model is the XF9005 with a VA matrix panel which allows deeper blacks when we watch movies in the dark and the XF8505 is IPS so we lose in depth of blacks but we win at an angle of vision. Another fundamental aspect is the type of lighting of the panel since the XF9005 is FALD and can control the light by zones instead of from the edges as do the EdgeLED, this allows a greater uniformity of the panel among other notable aspects in image quality. In addition the Sony XF9005 best LED 2018-2019 incorporates the X1Extrem processor.
Our score:
This assessment is totally subjective, with non-absolute values ​​but comparative ones. The best TV of the year has a 10 in image quality and we value the rest from that reference.

Sony XF90 Sony XF85
Quality Image 9 8
Dark Movies 9 7
Angle vision 7,5 8,5
Sports 8,5 8
TVShows 8 8
Gamers 8 8,5
HDR 8 7
Smart 7,5 7,5
Audio 7 7
Value-price 9 8
Valuation 8,15 7,75

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