Tuesday, January 15, 2019

All models LG TV 2019 lineup UK

The list with LED and OLED TVs of LG 2019. In this list we present all LG TVs that can be purchased in UK stores during 2019.

These models arrive in stores on April 2019 so we recommend you buy LG 2018 TVs during the first half of the year. When is the best time to buy an LED TV?

What's new in LG 2019 TVs?
The ZG9 model is the great novelty with 8K resolution, although we doubt it can be purchased this year.

What does the name LG TVs 2019 mean?


SM9800: our opinion
  • LG 55SM9800
  • LG 65SM9800
SM9000/SM9010: our opinion
  • LG 49SM9000
  • LG 55SM9010
  • LG 65SM9010
  • LG 75SM9000
  • LG 86SM9000
SM8600: our opinion
  • LG 49SM8600
  • LG 55SM8600
  • LG 65SM8600
  • LG 75SM8610*
SM8500: our opinion
  • LG 49SM8500
  • LG 55SM8500
  • LG 65SM8500
SM8200: our opinion
  • LG 49SM8200
  • LG 55SM8200
  • LG 65SM8200
UM7600: our opinion
  • LG 43UM7600
  • LG 50UM7600
  • LG 55UM7610
  • LG 65UM7610
  • LG 75UM7600
  • LG 86UM7600
UM7500: our opinion
  • LG 43UM7500
  • LG 50UM7500
  • LG 55UM7510
  • LG 65UM7510
UM7450: our opinion
  • LG 43UM7450
  • LG 49UM7450
  • LG 55UM7450
  • LG 65UM7450
UM7400: our opinion
  • LG 43UM7400
  • LG 49UM7400
  • LG 55UM7400
  • LG 65UM7400
UM7390: our opinion
  • LG 43UM7390
  • LG 49UM7390
UM7100 nuestra opinión
  • LG 43UM7100
  • LG 49UM7100
  • LG 55UM7100
  • LG 60UM7100
  • LG 70UM7100
  • LG 75UM7110


LM6300 Our opinion
  • LG 32LM6300
  • LG 43LM6300
  • LG 49LM6300


B9 our opinion
  • LG 55B9V
  • LG 65B9V
C9 our opinion
  • LG 55C9V
  • LG 65C9V
  • LG 77C9V
B9: Alpha 7 processor
C9: Alpha 9 processor
E9: Alpha 9 processor
W9: Wallpaper, Alpha 9
Z9: Resolution 8K, Alpha 9

You can visit the list with LG LED TV 2018 in stores the first half 2019.

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