Thursday, July 12, 2018

Comparison LG UK6500 UK6750 UK6470

These are the LG mid-range models for 2018, sold in 2019 too, that can be found in UK stores, other available models will surely be imported from other countries, if you want to discuss any of the variants of the LG 2018 series 6 do not hesitate to leave a Comment and we will try to include your model in this post.

LG's 6000 series TV models are mid-range, ideal for any type of families that want to enjoy the latest technology and do not want to spend a small fortune, they are TV sets suitable for all families, with a good angle of vision so they go well to see front and from the sides, also includes one of the best Smart platforms of the moment to connect to the Internet and access online content, video applications etc.

Some of the main technical characteristics are common to all models in this series: IPS Panel **, 4K resolution, native 50Hz, Smart webOS, ...

We can separate the models into two groups: from 6100 to 6470 and 6500 to 6950. The first group does not have LocalDimming and the PMI frequency is somewhat lower, so the image quality is slightly lower, also include an HDMI less. The difference between the best models in this series is mainly aesthetic. The LG UK6950 * includes the Magic Control and a new sound technology.

* The panels of 50 and 70 inches are VA, there are also small differences in PMI according to size. UltraLuminance technology and LocalDimming for panels of 55 and higher.

The 86-inch model goes to part with better color mapping, DolbyVision, more ports, ..

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