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Sony XG8505: our opinion (XG8596)

The Sony XG8505 is a mid-high-end model 2019-2020, is a 4K TV compatible with HDR and all current high-quality content. As technical aspects we can highlight that it is an LCD-LED is EdgeLED Local Dimming 100Hz. The 100Hz is the best of the moment, ideal for scenes with fast movements such as action movies or sports, against the EdgeLED is for us a bit lower than DirectLED TVs that present greater uniformity, but is only available in high-end models . The panel is 8Bits + FCR (simulates 10bits) to improve the range of colors, makes it compatible with HDR formats but is not a 10-bit panel. The panel type and Triluminos technology offers acceptable natural and black colors, the viewing angle is good. The Sony XG8505 has all the tuners and connectors needed today. Sony continues, for years now that incorporates, the Android Smart platform, this year Oreo, which promises to be faster than the previous Android Smart, works well but is not better than the LG or Samsung platforms.
  • The best: 100Hz panel, Triluminos.
  • The worst: EdgeLED, price, minimum 55 inches.

Technical / Specifications:

Specs and comments are of the specific product,
the same model can undergo important variations
Screen55, 65, 75 and 85*inches. Flat
Technology X1 , EdgeLED Local Dimming
PanelIPS 8Bits+FCR
Resolution 4K 3840x 2160
3D: -
MotionFlow800/1000 (100Hz)
Smart TV: Android TV 7.0/8.0
  • 4x HDMI
  • 3x USB
  • Audio: 20W
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Design Sony XG8505

Alternative to Sony XG8596?

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  • Samsung Q70R
  • Sony XF9005

Our opinion Sony XG8505(veredict):

Our opinion about the Sony XG8505 is not good at all because of its limited contrast, it is not a bad TV but for the price it presents is not the best TV we can buy if we want to watch movies in the dark. On the contrary it is ideal for gamers because of its low inputlag, to watch sports or for salons with sofas on the sides, ... Returning to the price is a good TV for most, perhaps too expensive for those who only want a current TV with SmartTV, compatible with high resolution formats. This models only available from 55 inches, a large screen. The model 2018 XF9005 has a similar price and is better for cinema because of its better level of blacks.

Model Name: Name of 2019 Sony TV
  • Sony 55XG8505
  • Sony 65XG8505
  • Sony 75XG8505
  • Sony 85XG8505 * DirectLED
  • Sony XG8596 
  • Sony XG8796 
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