Monday, May 6, 2019

Sony XG9505 vs Samsung Q90R comparative

These are the best LCD-LED TVs of 2019, the direct competition of these TVs are the OLEDs, both from Sony itself, and above all from LG: which is the queen of current OLEDs.

They share several general specs: panel FALD, good Smart, high peak of maximum brightness, 4K resolution ... Both have a decent sound, but not up to the quality of their image.

Main differences:
As an image we can say that the Samsung Q90R is somewhat superior in general, the area control of 480 is much higher than the 60 areas that can control the Sony, so it allows more accurate details. The level of brightness is very high in both (more than in the OLED) so they are very good for playing HDR quality content, the Samsung is compatible with HDR10+ and the Sony with DolbyVision. More about the different HDR formats.

For gamers the Samsung is somewhat superior but the Sony is good too, both are more recommended to see front than from the sides, but the Sony degrades more quickly in the sizes of 55 and 65 inches.

The price is an important aspect in this comparison since the Samsung is quite more expensive, its price is similar or superior to LG's OLED (Samsung Q90R vs LG C9 comparative). The Sony XG9505 can be found on offer for up to ‎£300 less (55in) than the Sony Q90R.

Our score:
This score is totally subjective, it is formed from subjective personal sensations, different reviews and does not attend to technical aspects or numerical measurements.


The summary is easy, the Samsung Q90R is somewhat superior, especially in the control of details and a little in the angle of view, these two aspects together with the best Smart and peak brightness make it one of the best televisions 2019. against Sony it is much cheaper, at least for the moment, so the image difference is reduced by the price. If you want a better TV, the Samsung wins, if you do not want to spend more than necessary to buy an excellent TV, our consignment is the Sony XG9505.

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