Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What's the meaning of the name of Samsung 2015 TV?

What does the name Samsung TV models 2015? Televisions are named with a series of numbers and letters that has meaning, but what do they mean? In this post we try to explain what it means nomenclature TV models 2015. We recommend visiting our post with our opinions of all Samsung 2015 models.

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Then we try to explain to you the acronyms used by Samsung for the name of their TVs.
As an example we will use the model: Samsung UE55J6400XU

1. The first letters indicate the areas of the world for which it was made: EU, UN or AU
  • EU: Europe
  • UA: Asia
  • UN: America
2. The following numbers indicate the screen size in inches: 32, 40, 48, 50, 55, ...
3. The middle letter indicates the year of manufacture: J / M / F / S / D
  • J: 2015
  • H: 2014
  • F: 2013
  • ES: 2012
  • D: 2011
4. The latest numbers indicate if the model range is high, medium or low.
  • 5000: 3D models without
  • 6000: mid-range models
  • 7000/8000: high-end models

5. Although it is unusual can find a few last letters indicate that the country was being made the TV codes for Europe:
  • (XC) Spain, Portugal, Slovenia
  • (ZG) Germany, Austria, Switzerland
  • (ZF) France
  • (ZT) Italy
  • (XE) Nordics
  • (XU) UK
  • (BT / XH)
Example: Samsung UE55J6400 / XU
  • Samsung UE55J6400XU: European Union
  • Samsung UE55J6400XU: 55 inches
  • Samsung UE55J6400XU: 2015
  • Samsung UE55J6400XU: midrange 3D model
  • Samsung UE55J6400XU: UK

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