Friday, February 26, 2016

Samsung JU7000 vs JU6400 comparative

These two models of Samsung, offer 4K, have the same platform Smart: Tizen. also they include the new DVB-S2. The JU7000 and JU6400 have flat screen and VA panel.

The main difference at first sight is that the JU7000 supports 3D, but there are other important differences.

Differences vs Samsung JU7000 JU6400

Picture quality

The JU6400 model is somewhat lower image quality as the Samsuing JU7000 includes: "Peak Illuminator" to improve the brightness of the colors and "Precision Black": black improves when there is bright images on the screen. The Hz PQi are also higher in the JU7000, although not a significant difference.


The Smart is the same in both models, but the top model JU7000 includes Smart Remote, very useful for the management of the platform. The JU7000 it is more complete in general: One Connect, dual tuner, ... also includes active 3D support.


The conclusion is clear, that is a television JU7000 clearly superior both: in extras and most importantly the picture quality. Both models are good but the JU6400 is slightly inferior by not including the latest technologies as "Peak Illuminator" or "Precision Black". These technologies work pretty well but you have to be pretty picky to notice, so I just recommend spending the remarkable difference in price if you're a demanding user. Finally remind you that the Samsung TV JU7000 is one of the most recommended models 2015, if it fits your budget is a good choice.

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