Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Samsung KS9500: Our opinion Best TV Samsung 2016

The Samsung KS9500 is one of the best TVs 2016. This model is the high-end Samsung and has UltraHD resolution and 10bit HDR. This TV features Smart TV: Tizen, but remains one of the best that the industry seems increasingly opts for Android, the main novelty is IoT Samsung. As for the Samsung panel has an Edge LED with LocalDimming technology to enhance contrast and brightness: Peak Illumintor. Besides the new special technology to curved screens: MothEye. The HDMI and USB ports are included in the One Connect. The audio is the most powerful 60W / 70W, but if we spend a small fortune on this TV, we recommend purchasing external audio system.

Technical / Specifications:

Screen Size: 65 and 78 inches. Curve "Moth Eye"
Technology: VA  FullArray QunatumDot, Supreme UHD Dimming, ...
Resolution: 4K UHD 3840x2160
HDR: 10bit
3D: -
PQI: 2700Hz (100Hz)
  • 4x HDMI
  • 3x USB
  • Audio 60/70W
View all specifications (Samsung website)

Design Samsung KS9500:

Samsung KS9500 (samsung.com)

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Our opinion Samsung KS9500 (veredict):

Our review of the Samsung KS9500 is excellent. This TV is the best you can expect from a modern TV, this combines design, build quality, image quality and performance. There is a MothEye filter to reduce glare. The screen is curved and connectivity is excellent, uses a One Connect. The Smart platform is one of the best of the year. Image quality is the best available, unique contrast and it includes many Samsung's own technology to improve all aspects, both in rescaling, and 4K content. It is also recommended for gamers for its inputlag low TV. We recommend you buy the Samsung KS9500 if you are looking for the best of the best in a big and curved screen. Its direct competitors are more expensive: Panasonic DX902, Sony XD94 or LG OLED TV B6.

Model Name: What's the meaning of the name of Samsung 2016 TV?
  • Samsung UE65KS9500TXXU
  • Samsung UE78KS9500TXXU

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