Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Most current TV use IPS technology or VA technology. This technology refers to the type of panel mounted televisions and depending on the brand used VA, IPS or both, depending on the model.

We see no one that is better than the other, they are just different and we do not intend in this post explaining the technical differences, we will explain what the difference you will see on your TV.

VA panel televisions provide a higher level of contrast with darkest blacks that IPS panels, we recommend these models if we want to watch TV in the dark or if we will put our TV in the bedroom.

The IPS panels offer higher brightness levels up so it is ideal for brightly lit environments, it is why in stores are often better. IPS technology is widely used in mobile devices because they look better on the outside (for the amount of light)

Vision angle:
The viewing angle is greater on TVs with IPS panels, so we recommend this TV if the TV side or large families sofas.

Brands like Samsung are betting on TVs VA and LG IPS panels, this incorporates more differences than those mentioned here as 3D type or speed of response.
Panasonic and Sony are brands that offer models with both technologies. We recommend VA panels.

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