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TV Buying Guide 2018 (updated)


We present our "Buy TV Guide 2018", where we help to choose which television is best for you. Currently there are many models for sale and it is very difficult to choose a new TV: 4K Smart 3D HDR, DLNA, ... We recommend you read this guide before deciding on a model. In this guide you will find tips and recommendations, but the most important are the 5 things you should decide before you begin looking for a new TV. If when you finish reading this guide are still having doubts and need recommendations feel free to leave a comment and we will try help to you.

When it's time that you should buy a TV?
One of the main concerns of buyers is whether they are doing well buying a TV. Is it better to wait for a price reduction? when is best time to buy a new TV?
Every year there are new models to market and last year's models stop manufactured, although still in stores while supplies last. The new TVs are presented from January but do not reach stores until March-April, with more than its value so we recommend waiting until June to purchase the newest price. During the first half of the new year you can buy last year's models at good prices.

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There are many brands on the market, but if you look a bit you'll see that most models are Samsung and LG. These two brands account for over 50% global market share. Besides the two giant South-Korean we recommend Sony and Panasonic

What TV should I buy?

The role of this guide is to limit the specifications you need for your new TV. We have divided into 6 key aspects You must keep in mind, it is important to define these aspects before starting to look for a model: Screen Size, Budget, Location, Applications, Resolution and Extras.

Screen Size:

We think it is most important, because the difference in price between 32 inches and 60 TV is enormous. We think that Size fits us at home and how far we will see. We present an indicative table of inches according to the recommended viewing distance. The lower margin is to view content in high resolution (FullHD-4K) the top margin for normal content (SD)

Size (inches)Distance (feet)
223 - 6
324 - 8
40 – 425 – 10
46 – 506 – 12
557 – 14
658 – 16

We think over image quality, resolution, the extras, ... the size is most important: The bigger the better!


The truth is that if we look a lot, we can always find a TV that costs a little more which is a little better. Our advice is labeled up price when we started looking. For orientation we have a post with approximate price TVs in 2018


Where we will place our television and under what lighting situation will watch the TV is an important factor for choosing the right model. There are many factors that determine the image quality and brightness, the Dimming, technologies etc ... but in general we can divide television into two groups:
VA panel TVs: It has better contrast, better to watch movies in the dark, look good from the front but lose a bit of quality when watch from the side.
IPS Panel TVs: It has better viewing angle, the better to watch from the side, if you watch movies in the dark blacks can suffer a little (blacks are not deep).


4K resolution is available from 2014: only high-end models. Ultra HD is already present in the mid range 2018. We recommend buying such televisions because their price is the same or very similar to televisions with HD resolution.
HDR: It is present in most 2017 models and almost all 2018 teelvisors, but there are different types of HDR. So what remains to know who will win the HDR war: HDR10, DolbyVision or HLG. What is HDR and what type of HDR TV to buy?

In 2018 more models with OLED technology are presented and it is not only LG that offers its televisions in stores. Although several models have been presented we know that not all of them arrive in stores. Samsung also introduces its new QLED technology. We are waiting to see what TVs can actually be purchased in 2018.

What applications will have your TV?

Most televisions serves a bit of everything, all (almost all) include Smart platform, used to watch sports, cartoon movies, gamming... but some are more desirable models for some applications than others. We recommend you read our specific post recommended by use televisions.


TVs are not just for watching TV, these new features are what we consider as extras.
A platform that allows to connect Internet to access online television, wireless devices connect applications, recommendations, recording programs, gaming... it is currently indispensable and 90% of the models have Smart platform, but there are some that work better than others: which platform Smart is better?
For a few years the 3D was present in almost all models, but little use is given and the lack of content has made this feature is available in fewer TVs. We expect for 2018 that won't  present 3D models. There are two types of 3D currently used: 3D active or Passive

Where to buy a TV?

Our advice is to buy Internet TVs to save some money, you can also take advantage of offers like day without tax or similar, but the price of web sites like Amazon is always the cheapest. As a final recommendation please check the model before buying it to make sure it's a model for UK.

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