Thursday, March 8, 2018

Sony TV line-up 2018

We present all the Sony televisions that were offered in the UK market during 2018, these new models are not available until the second quarter of the year and we do not recommend their purchase until June approximately, since their launch price is usually exaggerated. You can read our opinion of the 2017 models for sale during the first half of 2018.

What's new in Sony 2018 TVs?
There are few novelties ne general in all brands, Sony maintains an excellent updated OLED model: the AF8, which maintains characteristics with the A1 and changes only a little the design.
On the LCD-LED models the XE9005 improved with the X1 Extreme processor: XF9005. The Smart platform is still Google Android TV.
Name of the TV Sony 2018

    4K UltraHD

    XF90: Review
    Processor X1™ Extreme, Dolby Vision
    • Sony 49XF9005
    • Sony 55XF9005
    • Sony 65XF9005
    • Sony 75XF9005
    XF85: Review
    XF8505 / XF8577 / XF8588 / XF8596 / XF8599
    Processor X1
    • Sony 43XF8505
    • Sony 49XF8505
    • Sony 55XF8505
    • Sony 65XF8505
    • Sony 75XF8505 
    • Sony 85XF8505 
    XF80: Review
    XF8005 / XF8096
    • Sony 43XF8096
    • Sony 49XF8096
    • Sony 55XF8096
    XF75: Review
    XF7505 / XF7596
    • Sony 43XF7596
    • Sony 49XF7596
    • Sony 55XF7596
    • Sony 65XF7596


    HD Ready


    HDR 10 y Dolby Vision, 4K UltraHD
    AF8 Review
    Processor X1™ Extreme, Dolby Vision
    • Sony 55AF8
    • Sony 65AF8
    A1 Review
    Processor X1™ Extreme, Dolby Vision
    • Sony 55A1
    • Sony 65A1
    • Sony 77A1
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