Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Sony A1 vs Sony AF8: Which one is better?

These televisions are the best on sale in 2017 and 2018 from Sony. There are two TVs with very high-end OLED technology and very expensive. Actually they are two TVs very similar in image quality and performance, the audio is through the screen so they do not incorporate speakers the main difference lies in the design. Maybe the MotionFlow is a bit improved, ideal for sports, but on the other hand the sound is a step behind the 2017 model.

Main difference: Design

One of the most surprising aspects of the OLED A1 2017 is its inclination, which makes it unique but many are annoyed by what in this new model AF8 the screen is completely vertical, which also facilitates its assembly if we are going to hang it on the wall.

Our score:
This assessment is totally subjective, with non-absolute values but comparative ones. The best TV of the year has a 10 in image quality and we value the rest from that reference.

Sony A1 Sony A8F
Quality Image 10 10
Dark Movies 10 10
Angle vision 10 10
Sports 9 9
TVShows 9 9
Gamers 8,5 8,5
HDR 8,5 8,5
Smart 7,5 7,5
Audio 9 9
Value-price 8 8,5
Valuation 8,95 9

Our Review:

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